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New Release: DVAAPBase 3.0!

Already a DVAAPBase user? Watch your email box for an anouncement of the upcoming release of DVAAPBase 3.0! Key features and enhancements are included to meet new requirements starting in 2022. To see a preview of what to expect, watch this video…

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DVAAPBase is comprehensive Affirmative Action Planning (AAP) development software, combining all requirements and features into a single application. The system maintains historical data, and generates single, location-based, functional, multi-site, and multi-reporting AAPs. 

The modular design supports Executive Order 11246, Section 503 & VEVRAA, EEO‑1 & VETS, non-discrimination testing, and complete compensation analysis including multiple regression.

All the Pieces to the AAP Puzzle

With the EO module, a complete Affirmative Action Plan can be produced to satisfy Executive Order 11246 including:

  • AAP Program Narratives
  • Workforce and Activity Analyses
  • Availability and Incumbency Analyses
  • all other required reports

The full CENSBase tool is integrated in DVAAPBase, providing easy access to the entire Census 2010 Special EEO File. A single screen interface seamlessly feeds population counts by occupation, industry, education, earnings, and geography. Geographies include:

  • All U.S.
  • States
  • Counties
  • County Sets
  • Large Population Areas
  • CBSAs

Complete support for the required annual VETS-4212 and EEO-1 reporting. Single and multi-location employers are supported. Both printed reports and upload files are available for both VETS and EEO-1 filing.

Produces complete Affirmative Action Plans for Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as revised (Individuals with Disabilities) and VEVRAA, Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as revised (Protected Veterans). All AAP Program Narratives and Statements are included:

  • Data Collection Summary and Detail Reports
  • 3-year Trend Reports
  • Good Faith Efforts and Outreach Activity Reporting
  • Accommodations
  • Workforce Summary and Detail Reports
  • Personnel Activity Summary and Detail Reports

The IRA Tool performs non-discrimination in employment testing for any people group using Impact Ratio and Statistical Significance testing. All types of Hires, Promotions, Transfers, and Termination selections can be tested. Tests for statistical significance uses both Standard Deviation analysis and Fisher’s Exact.

Gerstco’s COMPBase module is a robust, flexible compensation analysis system that performs the following types of pay analyses:

  • Pay Discrepancy Summary and Detail Reporting
  • Mean Pay Statistical Significance Analysis
  • Cohort Listings
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Pay Remedy Reports
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Self-Paced Video Training

DVAAPBase includes a comprehensive library of training videos and walk-throughs for every feature and report. Experienced and new users will both find this an indispensable resource as you use DVAAPBase for AAP development, compensation analysis, and workforce evaluation.

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