Software FAQ

Software FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about licensing, installing, and using DVAAPBase.

What is the focus of DVAAPBase ?

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive software system that contains all the analytical tools and narratives needed to prepare technically-compliant federal affirmative action plans. DVAAPBase has been Gerstco’s response to this goal!

DVAAPBase is modular software that combines all affirmative action plan requirements into a single application. The modules are:

  1. Executive Order 11246 requirements for the Minorities and Females Program
  2. VEVVRA & The Rehabilitation Act of 1974 requirements for Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities
  3. IRA Tool, software for non-discrimination testing
  4. COMPBase, software for compensation analysis
  5. EEO-1 & VETS-4212 software for annual government reporting for federal contractors.

What are the system requirements ?

DVAAPBase may be deployed in two configurations:

  1. Client-Server
  2. Stand-Alone


The client-server configuration consists of a Windows workstation where DVAAPBase (the “client”) is installed and a separate server where the database engine SQL Server (the “server”) is installed. A network connection from the workstation to the server allows the transfer of data between DVAAPBase and the database.

The stand-alone configuration consists of a Windows workstation where both DVAAPBase and SQL Server are installed.

Census data is included with the Census module in DVAAPBase. It consists of approximately 13GB of 2010 Census demographics.

System Requirements by Configuration Type


  • Client computer
    • Windows 7 or later (64bit only)
    • 2GHz or faster x64 processor
    • 2GB or greater RAM (4GB recommended)
    • 300MB free disk space
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or later required to produce eAAPs
    • .Net 4.6.1
  • Server computer
    • See Microsoft system requirements based on the version of SQL Server used
    • 8GB free disk space (20GB if Census data is included)
  • SQL Server
    • 2012 or later
    • Express, Standard or Enterprise


  • Client computer
    • Windows 7 or later (64bit only)
    • 2GHz or faster x64 processor
    • 4GB or greater RAM (See Microsoft system requirements based on the version of SQL Server used)
    • 8GB free disk space (20GB if Census data is included)
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or later required to produce eAAPs
    • .Net 4.6.1
  • SQL Server
    • 2012 or later
    • Express, Standard or Enterprise

Does DVAAPBase require a license to use ?

Yes. An annual SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) Fee ensures continuity of the software through technical support and software revisions.

How much does it cost ?

DVAAPBase may be purchased as a total bundled software (all Modules), or by individual Module. Pricing will be available upon request to Gerstco’s Software HOTLine or by using or on-line contact form.

Software Support HOTLine: (408) 973-1366, ext. 206

Can I see a demonstration of the software ?

Yes. A complete video demo of DVAAPBase is available on request. After viewing this video, if you have questions or want to receive a live domonstration, this too can be arranged by contacting Gerstco directly via our online contact form.

Can DVAAPBase be installed in a vSphere or Hyper-V virtual machine environment ?

While DVAAPBase can function in a properly configured VM environment, it is not currently supported by Gerstco due to the complex configuration involved and resulting issues reported by users attempting this type of deployment. Gerstco is working on future support of VM deployment.

Can DVAAPBase help me do my company’s AAPs ?

Yes, DVAAPBase is designed to assist federal contractor and subcontractor organizations in preparing compliant and responsive affirmative action plans and programs. Training videos are available as a first step in using the software. Additional training is available upon request from Gerstco.

Can I purchase DVAAPBase ?

Yes. DVAAPBase is available to federal government contractors, employment law firms, and EO Consultants.

Is DVAAPBase easy to install ?

Gerstco has developed detailed, useful installation instructions for DVAAPBase. In addition, our software Team is able to assist with installation at no additional fee.

When was DVAAPBase developed ?

Gerstco launched two DVAAPBase modules in December 2016 (VEVRAA & The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and COMPBase). Additional modules were added in 2017 (EO11246 Program Reporting & CENSBase, IRA Tool, and EEO-1 & VEVRAA Reporting). The software is up-to-date with all DOL / OFCCP requirements.

How often is DVAAPBase updated and is there a charge for this ?

DVAAPBase is updated at least annually and when there are changes to AAP regulations. Since launching DVAAPBase, there have been 2 software updates.

If we have more than one user in our Company can we share the License or, do we need to have a License for each user ?

Each DVAAPBase installation has a separate license to ensure valid Users receive Gerstco’s efficient support when needed.

How quickly can an order for the Software be processed – installed ?

Upon payment, we will schedule an Installation Session of DVAAPBase.

Can I pay for DVAAPBase with a credit card ?

Yes, you can pay using most major credit cards over our website, or contact Gerstco Accounts Receivable during our usual business hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific (408.973.1366, ext. 201).

Is there a warranty period ?

Yes. DVAAPBase has a 30-day Warranty Period after purchasing the software. During this period we will provide initial software training and answer any User questions – at no cost. If you decide not to use DVAAPBase during the 30-Day Warranty period, we can un-install DVAAPBase and return the purchase price.

I am new to AAP work. If I purchase the software what kind of training is available for me ?

Gerstco’s website provides more than 75 training videos on various DVAAPBase topics which can start your training process. If additional training is requested, we provide web-based software instruction at our hourly training rate.

What is the technical support help desk response time ?

Gerstco’s Software Support Team has committed to respond to User support needs the same, or next day following the request. If there is an  urgent request for software support, Users may contact our Software Support HOTLine.

Software Support HOTLine: (408) 973-1366, ext. 206

What if our Company has many sites across the U.S. Can the software handle that ?

Yes. DVAAPBase has been designed to support single, multi-site, multi-State and Functional AAPs. Gerstco’s AAP Data Analysts use the same software that is sold to our Software Users and develop Plans for hundreds of clients – many with US-wide AAP Operations. The software has supported clients with 200+ locations and 40,000+ employee headcounts.

I know you had an older software….are you still supporting that ?

Gerstco’s prior software will be retired at the end of 2018. A notice will be sent in Third Quarter regarding our closing-out of this software which is now out-of-date in many areas.

If you don’t see your question here or have a more involved question about using DVAAPBase, please register for full access to the DVAAPBase Knowledge Base and Video Training library!

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