Gerstco has been acquired by DCI Consulting

It is with excitement and fond memories that I’m announcing my retirement after more than thirty years in the affirmative action industry.  I have greatly enjoyed serving all of you and leading a wonderful team of dedicated professionals.  I thank you all for your trust and business throughout the years.

With a change like this, it is natural to wonder what this means for Gerstco and its clients moving forward.  Gerstco is very excited to announce that it is now a part of DCI Consulting, the industry leader in affirmative action and equal opportunity compliance services. Based in Washington, D.C., DCI has been providing services to employers of all sizes and all industries for over twenty years.

In addition to its affirmative action plan (AAP) development service, DCI Consulting offers an AAP Dashboard, compensation analyses, Pay Equity Dashboard, diversity metrics, workforce analytics, automated employment decision tool validation, personnel selection support, litigation support services, and more. As a valued client of DCI, your organization now has access to all the services Gerstco and DCI can offer so that your organization can remain compliant with affirmative action regulations and meet diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.

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