Compensation Analysis for Equal Pay Workshop

Conducting a Compensation Analysis to Address Equal Pay Requirements. The issue of “equal pay for equal work” continues to be a focus for federal contractors, and the DOL in OFCCP Compliance Evaluations. Gerstco’s June 22rd, Workshop will include discussion on: (a) federal law governing equal pay for equal work, specifically The Equal Pay Act, (b) recent State laws dealing with Equal Pay and Fair Pay, (c) OFCCP’s focus on systemic pay discrimination and, (d) what contractors can do to ensure understanding regarding how pay decisions are made in their work environments and how to respond to questions regarding employee pay.

Studies continue to indicate that pay gaps exist, and are persistent for women and people of color, even after accounting for objective factors such as: education, experience, geography, tenure and performance. As a result, some State and local governments are enacting new laws to address this issue. Most recently, laws restricting the use of prior salary in establishing pay, have been passed. Our Workshop discussion will include: (a) dealing with various perspectives on Equal Pay: (b) public and employee relations, (c) defending company policies in enforcement and (d) self-assessment tools and methodologies.

During an OFCCP audit federal contractors must submit a roster of all employees, their pay, and other pay attributes, to the Agency which then conducts an analysis for equal pay. To ensure “no surprises” in employee compensation, contractors should conduct their own analyses. Gerstco’s workshop will discuss various methodologies and reports, used in a self-audit of “equal pay for equal work.”

Please join us for this unique workshop session. All Sessions are Confidential. We encourage your questions and sharing of best practices. Contact Karen White ( to register or for additional information. Space will be limited. Register early. We look forward to seeing you!