About Gerstco

About Gerstco… AAP service and software redefined.

Gerstco provides high quality customer service, reliable products and expert EEO AAP consulting and advice in Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program Planning.

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Who Are We

Gerstco is a leading U.S. Affirmative Action planning and consulting firm, delivering expert service and software to U.S. federal contractors for over 30 years.

Our Mission

We strive for on-time, excellence in service results. We measure success by our ability to meet client needs in a dynamic and changing workforce.

Our People

Supporting planning, compliance, compensation analysis, custom software and audits, our team includes AAP development professionals, and software developers.

What We Do

Working with clients over time we can recommend practical and reliable solutions and best practices to many long-standing workforce and Affirmative Action Planning issues.

Why choose Gerstco?

Experienced AAP Professionals

Gerstco employs experienced, seasoned professionals who can bring instant credibility to government compliance situations. Each Gerstco staff member has extensive education and training in Affirmative Action program development and strategic workforce planning.

Top Quality Reporting and Analysis

Our reports and analyses are routinely praised for their clarity, accuracy, and efficient presentation. As new regulations and guidelines are introduced, we keep every report and narrative up-to-date to ensure full compliance at all times.

End-to-End AAP Support

From the initial review of your organization’s needs, to the collection of workforce and activity data, and the production and delivery of your tailored AAP solution, Gerstco professionals are in regular contact to ensure your complete satisfaction.

World Class Software

Gerstco AAP software products are designed to drive data accuracy, deal with repetitive tasks, and decrease through-put time to prepare technical Affirmative Action Plans and compensation analysis. Since 2001, our DVAAPBase software has fulfilled these goals. Its accuracy has allowed us to maximize efficiency, and achieve 100% compliance.

Some of the Industries We Serve

Computers & Related Devices
Drugs & Pharmaceutical

Electronic Instrumentation
Engineering Services
Environmental Consulting

Health & Medical Services
Medical Device Manufacturing

Municipal Transit
Software Publishing
Waste Management