AAP Planning

Affirmative Action Planning

From small, single location plans to complex U.S. wide organizations, we are prepared to assist you in every aspect of Affirmative Action Planning

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Tailored Solutions

Our AAP experts understand the legal and technical aspects required to develop compliant affirmative action plans tailored to your company culture. From gathering data to reporting to program implementation, Gerstco will work with your IT department, human resource personnel, and management to deliver understandable solutions.

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Our AAP Development Process

Project Planning

The initial project planning consists of needs assessment and program requirements. Data requests will be made to identify locations, job groups, and occupation codes. Company policies are noted.

Data Gathering

Your IT staff will be provided detailed file specifications to allow accurate collection of workforce and activity data including applicants, hires, promotions and terminations.

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AAP Development

Your data will be reviewed and any data questions will be resolved. A Job Group review will ensure correct plan structure. Gerstco AAP experts will develop availability based on your recruiting areas and feeder Job Groups. An internal review of availability and placement goals is conducted by senior staff.

AAP Completion and Publication

An electronic AAP is produced in bookmarked PDF format including all narratives and analyses. A final internal review is conducted followed by the delivery of the AAP and an orientation meeting with your staff responsible for program implementation.

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