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Gerstco Software

Affirmative Action Planning Software for
Single or Multi-Site Plans


Software Warranty & Service

90-Day Warranty

Gerstco software products come with a 90-day Warranty effective upon installation of the software. Hotline access is provided via telephone or email during normal PST business hours. The warranty also includes all software updates that occur and ensures that no support fees will be incurred during the warranty period. Continued Software and Technical Support are covered under Gerstco's Software Maintenance Program.

Technical Service & Support

A Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is advised after the 90-day warranty is over, to provide users with uninterrupted service, software revisions and assurance that if federal regulations change, Gerstco will revise software immediately and send revisions out to all SMA customers. The SMA is an annual subscription service that may be activated at any time during the first year.

Gerstco provides Hotline support via telephone, email and web assistance during regular business hours Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). In addition, a Bulletin is issued regularly to communicate best practices and software solutions to known problems.