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Affirmative Action Planning Services Tailored
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Compliance Evaluation Support Services

Compliance Evaluations by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) can be time consuming and intense for those responsible for affirmative action programs. Gerstco senior compliance specialists have up-to-date knowledge on enforcement practices and can deliver a unique set of services to support clients during each type of compliance evaluation.

Desk Audit

When a ‘Notice of Review’ is received, Gerstco accelerates the development process for any submittal items that have been requested including the Affirmative Action Plan, Compensation Analysis and Mid-Year Updates, if required. Special Compliance Management Briefings may be scheduled with Human Resources and Managers, to understand the compliance process, and provide in-depth analysis of the organization’s AAP performance to ensure managers are prepared for their audit.

Onsite Review

In some cases, the OFCCP will notify Federal Contractors that they intend to conduct an On-site review following the Desk Audit. Gerstco offers a ‘pre-audit’ service to assess the company’s state of readiness for an On-site review. After the pre-audit is concluded, site management is briefed on the findings, AAP performance and the compliance review process.

Gerstco can also provide a senior compliance specialist to be on-site for consulting during the OFCCP review process and also help prepare the response to the OFCCP’s request for information during the on-site review by pre-examining recordkeeping processes for applicants, I-9 forms, personnel files, etc. before they are examined by the OFCCP Compliance Officer.

Corporate Management Review

In preparing for a Corporate Management Review (CMR), Gerstco can present a Senior Executive Briefing to the company Audit Team. This Briefing will evaluate in detail, areas that may be audited by the government. The Briefing will be customized to provide an understanding of issues that the Company will need to address, including: the type of material and information needed, a list of company officials that OFCCP will want to interview, and the questions they may be asked, and the type of analysis OFCCP most likely will conduct.

The briefing helps executives and managers to understand issues that are often perceived as “artificial barriers” to equal employment opportunity.

CMR On-Site Support

Following the CMR Briefing, Gerstco will work closely with executives and the Audit Team to prepare for the actual audit, including: the Opening Conference, management interviews, and analyzing specialized view of data requested by the Agency.

Focused Reviews

Sometimes, OFCCP may request a specialized Audit such as a Job Site review, Department review, or Position review. As requested, Gerstco provides support for specialized reviews.