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Affirmative Action Planning Training for
Human Resources & Managers


Custom Training

Gerstco values continuing education and believe individuals are more effective, interested, and successful, when they can understand Equal Opportunity principles and contractor Affirmative Action obligations. To assist federal contractors with their unique training requirements, Gerstco offers customized, practical EEO and AAP training for Managers, Human resources Professionals, and others, who have Affirmative Action Program responsibilities.

Here is a sample of custom training that can be offered but if you don't find what you are looking for, contact us to discuss your organization's EEO AAP training requirements.

Management Training

Gerstco provides specialized training for management employees in the area of EEO and Affirmative Action Program (AAP) obligations. Briefings often begin with an overview of equal employment opportunity, so that individuals have a legal framework for Briefing information.

Managers also learn about federal affirmative concepts that may apply to their management responsibility areas, such as: interviewing and selecting employees, career counseling, outreach, and the achievement of AAP goals. Management Briefings are also a convenient forum to communicate company policies, practices, and recordkeeping requirements, to build support for the company Affirmative Action Program.

Customized Briefings

Gerstco offers customized, in-house briefings and management training on EEO matters, Harassment prevention, AAP implementation and compliance, and interview and Selection Practices, as examples. These in-house sessions are generally company-specific and can be confidential.

Briefing Issue Examples

  • The primary objective of management AAP training has been to increase the representation of women and minorities in an organization. The overall representation of women and minorities has increased over the years and more work may be needed in certain job categories and at certain levels of the organization.
  • The objective of training may be to attract and retain the best talent regardless of gender, race, age, or disability or veteran status. To meet this objective, managers must be able to effectively manage a diverse workforce, which can lead to a full utilization of human resources at all levels.
  • An organization's Affirmative Action Program may have always been supported by company Objectives, and legal compliance;. and while such efforts will continue, manager's motivation to recruit and develop the best talent from diverse backgrounds is beginning to extend beyond legal compliance, which has been an integral part of the organization's philosophy. As organizations grow in world markets, the broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and perspectives of people with diverse backgrounds in terms of cultures, and generations, must be more responsive to meet the diversity in customer backgrounds.

The following would be a typical agenda for management Briefings:

  • An exercise to increase awareness (optional)
  • A model for viewing AA/EEO issues in the organization
  • The legal framework of affirmative action programs
  • A high level view of the AAP Planning Process
  • A discussion of employee and management roles and responsibilities

Recruiter Training

Current OFCCP regulations on "Internet Applicants" require federal contractors to gather and maintain accurate applicant information on all positions filled during an AAP year, whether a paper system or internet or other electronic technology is used.

To assist contractors with compliance in this area, Gerstco has developed a recruitment training session, for Recruiters, to review these obligations or applicant tracking and monitoring, and understand how the AAP requirements may specifically apply to their practices. This has been an effective forum for Recruiters and managers to discuss any open issues or processes and to propose refinements to the organization's applicant tracking process.